This is a collection of studio sessions and live recordings from my time with The Real Band in Portland, Maine circa 1981. . To Mark Wainer (guitar), Jon Hardy (keyboards), Rob Roy (bass and vocals), Perry Morin (drums), plus--Denny Williams (guitar), Andrea Re (vocals), Michael McInnis (synths), Steve Fazio (tenor sax), Tom Blackwell (engineer), Studio 8, Portland, Maine, Tim Tierney, John Etnier, and to all those winter miles, perfect summer days, and loving people who supported this music.


New From Hat Check Girl, 2016

From Peter Gallway and iconic songwriter Annie Gallup as Hat Check Girl


TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY is a collection of ten songs, written in pairs, collected in five chapters, with interludes and an epilogue.

"Hat Check Girl is a collaboration between the two, but it is also a departure from what either has done before. Yes, Gallup brings her breathy spoken vocals to some songs, and it works beautifully, And yes, Gallway brings some soulful vocals and bluesy hooks in places, and that also works well. But the first thing to know is that this is an electric album. The liner notes assure me that there are acoustic instruments here, even a mandolin, but the mix blends it all and creates electrified textures. The effect is something like the solo work of either Daniel Lanois or Robbie Robertson."

- Video: Texas
- Video: Just Think Back
- Video: August Sin
Video: Tenderness

- Publicity, Europe - Peter Holmstedt, Hemifran

Big Mercy

big mercy

Gallway Bay Press is pleased to announce publication of Peter Gallway's 1st collection of poetry, Big Mercy. Inspired by the writings of Raymond Carver, Leonard Cohen, Charlie Smith and others, “These poems were written in Los Angeles and 35 miles to the north in the Santa Clarita Valley. There are also pieces included that reflect places I traveled including San Francisco, New York and New England.”

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"Thanks for sending Peter Gallway’s "Big Mercy." It is, indeed a big mercy. So well crafted and realized. A number of wonderful parts. One is, of course,

"One day there will be only the quiet.
It will stretch forever . . . "

Within a plethora of absolute noise (in its many manifestations) this is such a stunning and simple truth. It is a coda of survival. I find it resonating in my own life."

- Malcolm Boyd (in a letter to Kristi Wallace)